Unused Storyboards (2013)

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A small selection of boards from a narrative animated music video that didn't get made. I just found them lying around on my hard drive so thought I'd post them up!

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Today I spent the day with Marian Pramberger putting the final touches on the sound design for our new film, should be out really soon!

Playing slide ukulele with a tiny bottle is a hard look to pull off.

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Updated thoughts on Octane

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Spoiler: I still like it! I've been working with Octane a lot more this year, my blog last year were based on a pretty early build. Since then it's seen it's 1.0 release, and is constantly improving, now Octane 2.0 has been announced it seems like there aren't many features left to add to compete with the more traditional render engines.


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St Helens College C4D Workshop

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I spent three days this week introducing Cinema 4D to the graphic design students at St Helens College. I'm not much of a teacher; I usually prefer to just leave a trail of breadcrumbs online and try to show some interesting processes for most projects I work on (see: CASE STUDIES). I enjoyed my time at St Helens, without a doubt the two most valuable years of my education, so when I was invited to talk about my work and do a bit of software training I didn't really hesitate.

It was pretty interesting going back to basics, three short days isn't really enough to even scratch the surface of such a multifaceted piece of software so I had to cherry pick a few tools and processes that could be put into context right away and achieve some kind of result. Ignoring modelling, lighting and traditional shading, I demonstrated a few ways of creating objects into 3D space and animating them using simple keyframes, deformers and effectors, as well as showing how dynamics can be useful for more than dropping a bunch of shapes on the ground!

As much as some students wanted to jump ahead and start adding wood textures to shiny materials I tried my best to restrict everyone to flat 2D shading and create a collection of little motion tests, concentrating on composition and colour (mainly inspired by my friends at Zeitguised's recent music video for Mouse On Mars)

It was a fairly big group with no real experience of 3D or animation software so I was really pleased with how interested most people seemed and how quickly some students were able to get into the software in such a short time. A lot seemed really keen to learn more independently, so I wish them all the best in learning more!


Berlin What?

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"Are We Hard Yet?", the collaboration between Zeitguised and Nick & Chloe is featured in this book by Neonchocolate. It's a fantastic collection of 102 Berlin based contemporary artists. 

The 'early bird' edition + DVD, limited to 200, is almost sold out and available here:

 The person ordering no. 200 of the Limited Edition will get the book for free!


Discipline Skateboards Logo Animation

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I spent a few days putting together this looping logo animation for my friends at Discipline Skateboards. Each object represents a different member of the skate team, some are more self explanatory than others! Everything they do is DIY and ethically sourced so it's always a pleasure to be involved with them.

I recently designed a couple of decks for them too, available here. Watch out for their first full skate video next year!

About the Project

With this mini-project (3 days) I started a really interesting new path into 2D animation. I think its important to always use the right tools for the job, I'm not an efficiency freak but quickly setting the initial shapes in Cinema 4D saved me a huge amount of time allowing me to focus on a few 'real' 2D elements such as the beer splash and flames.

To get started, I read the fantastic book by 2D FX legend Joseph Gilland 'Elemental Magic' which I can enthusiastically recommend. You will never think about digital particle/fluid tools the same way. I would compare it to the ubiquitous Animator's Survival Kit, (side note: the iPad version of that is great) it should be on every motion designers shelf considering how often we reach for Particular to add a little sparkle as an afterthought.

While this was my first venture into this kind of thing I barely even scratched the surface of the subject but have already become a little enamoured with it.

Check out the quick making of below...

Destination : Berlin

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Matt Frodsham Motion Designer Portrait

I will be speaking at Destination:BERLIN on Nov 4th!

Berlin is a city known for its creativity and its ability to re invention.
every day, dozens of people immigrating to Berlin in order to change their lives and do more of what they love. Destination: BERLIN is an event created to tell the stories of these people.

Sponsored by Alfaiataria, five artists from around the world will be speaking, including Brazilian artist Alex Flemming and Canadian tattooer Sarah B Bolen. Come and get awkward...

Prinzessinnenstraße 19-20
10969 Berlin, Germany

For more information visit the Destination:BERLIN Facebook page


July Roundup

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Despite it being almost 30°C for most of July I stayed inside and wrote quite a lot in the past month! 

There's a couple of new projects to be published in the near future: a one day project (complete with breakdown) as part of an international art collaboration (see a sneak peek work in progress on my tumblr).

Also some music video VFX for a great hardcore band. 

My favourite new C4D plugin is "TimeHide" from Niklas Rosenstein. I always hated how difficult it is to really get a clean view in C4D's timeline when working with F-Curves and this solves it with €19 and one click. Check it out and support this 18 year old Wunderkind!  I am also helping him design my dream plugin which I'm really excited about.

In general I've been having fun with Octane Render, though I've still only scratched the surface. I can't wait to finish my first animation project with it in the next month or so to really put it through its paces....


At the beginning of the month I started to document my first steps with Octane Render for Cinema 4D; from installing Nvidia cards in my Mac Pro to finding out what's so great about GPU rendering (spoilers: speed) and of course finding a few current limitations. If you have any interest in the future of rendering being available right now then check it out. You can find this and all 'informative' articles/blogs/breakdowns in 'Case Studies'


Octane for C4D Blog

Octane for C4D Blog


I'm not a 'tutorial guy', I probably won't ever be. But recently I felt that I have gained a lot of knowledge over the last few years that I should share in some way. Specifically regarding handling large heavy scenes in C4D. I don't have the desire or timeto produce and maintain any kind of regular tutorial blog so I decided to get it all out in one go. Hence the huge (and still growing) "C4D Scene Speed" article. Pages of information, tips, workarounds, scripts, plugins to make your viewport faster.

It was not without an ulterior motive, hopefully some of the tips and techniques will help a lot of people, but also get them thinking in a more focussed way when they ask Maxon to improve areas of C4D... rather than the usual 'please make the viewport faster'!

I have been blown away by the positive response to this, as well as the additional tips I have received. Most of all I am thankful to those who have already solved some long term problems with new (free!) scripts (Niklas Rosenstein, James Chiny) so be sure to check out the article if you didn't already and speed up your work!


C4D Scene Speed

C4D Scene Speed

Cinema 4D Scene Speed

Posted on by Matt Frodsham

If you think C4D's viewport is THAT slow, then please read this first and try and help yourself out. Over the last few years, in between cursing and sending feature requests to Maxon I've forced myself to learn to embrace, understand and workaround what at first seems like a lot of toys that you can't play with at the same time. After realising most users don't even use layers, I decided to spend a few days putting this together as a resource - so hopefully some won't have to go through the same issues as I did!

I'm no programmer so this is 9 pages of practical layman's information, calculation explanations, proxy setup, layers, new xpresso nodes. There's a lot of stuff!


Please let me know what you think, please don't hesitate to send me any corrections or extra info and I'll add it! I have a few things lined to add already including some Preferences settings to be aware of, as well as a couple of plugins/scripts, this will grow into an even better resource over time.

Special thanks to Niklas Rosenstein for the great new Layer Access node used in the article. It has changed my life and should help you too. 

Cheers, Matt