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This is the first time I've built an architectural scene from the ground up. It was important that it had enough detail to give a sense of scale but also sat back in the frame enough to let the hero objects pop, hence the muted tones that hover around a real-world 'white'.

The main room is obviously a huge gallery however the majority of the spot takes place in the cosier confines of the 'office' space. As ever when tackling a white room lit naturally, there is a fine balance between contrast and exposure to consider so the whole result doesn't look too washed out or too moody.


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The main setting for the action. An environment within an environment! The pages of the agenda (diary) constantly flipped like small waves, providing a moving pathway for the bikes to perpetually travel along and eventually break free from. Julius Steinhauser was the mastermind behind the great rigging of the paper, providing us with pages that would bend without stretching. Marian Pramberger designed and textured the pages that would roll beneath the tires providing a constant sense of speed.


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This sequence was a visual representation of the ideas that one might store away, and the bank providing the opportunity to release them and allow them to flourish.


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This was an abstraction of a meeting between the bank and customer. I thought the choreography of the coffee and milk might strengthen the concept but by the final animation the cups were espresso sized so no milk was needed.


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These elements are simply linked to the voiceover line "Ideas,  big and small", and show the fruits of the ideas released from the drawers. The large machine is functionless, it is a configuration of technical possibilities.


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Along with the book rig, this was probably the most development heavy element in the scene. Its certainly a nice creation, however screen time is brief. 

The modeling and texturing of this was a collaborative effort between my good friend Rafael Vicente (you can find some nice stills of the 'regular' bikes on his site).

Some high res detail renders of the final design and texturing (the colours were changed in the final spot.

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